Sister Paul Bass & Vocals/ Susumu
Drums & Vocals/MACKii

Sister Paul comprise a male bassist singing in soprano and a female drummer in alto. They sing all songs together playing the each instrument in the heavy groove. The words written by Susumu have a queer and unstable feeling. In spite of the sound they make is full of decadance, violence and insanity, some audiences laugh, others shed tears surrounding all happy atomosphere in the end.


The band was formed by Susumu (who is the songwriter) at Tokyo in 1992. They were in a 5-piece band at first and then became a trio- in 1994. After the repeat of that several members had retired and joined, MACKii(an amazing drummer whose play was so tight and loud) joined the band in 1996.

Sister Paul have been a cult-star for a long time on the indie-rock and alternative-rock scenes of Tokyo, coplaying with Richard‘Kid’Strange(ex-Doctors of Madness)and David Coulter(ex-Pogues)in 2003, 2004. It is impossible to classify Sister Paul, they were‘however’born with the celebration of 60's and 70's Rock'n Roll, Glam, Punk and Psychedelic Rock.

The band had been a trio-band for many years, but unfortunately the guitarist quitted the band in 2005, stripping down to the duo- at last. After the trial and error for about one year, Susumu and MACKii went straight into the recording studio. Susumuーconnected the Marshall amp. with the bass amp.! ! MACKiiーhad changed nothing ! ! !

The 5th CD titled「Muyubyo-sya no yume I(a sleepwalker's dream I)」was released on 9th March in 2007. Susumu wrote the words about the people who fall a mental disease for this CD.
“ It is a very brave CD ー not easy to make such varied music with a 2- piece ーsounds very good.” ー Richard Strange ー
In return for loosing the guitar player, they got space! the universe!

MACKii modestly says“A lot of fans left when we became a two-piece, but recently new fans have come to the show little by little.” And Susumu says“How happy we are, starting all over again from first.”

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